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Flight Instruction

Here at Coastal Helicopters we can train you to the commercial pilot level in the Bell 47. Our 3000 sq. ft. facility provides the perfect combination of ground instruction and air time at the uncrowded Belfast Municipal Airport.

The Bell 47 is an excellent trainer due to its all manual controls and extremely large and stable rotor system. A very safe helicopter, the Bell 47 trains its students to be able to fly any helicopter.

We utilize a real world training syllabus derived from Vietnam Helicopter pilots and from the Dick Hill International Flight school in Ozark Missouri that gives the student not just a rating but instead an actual applied syllabus involving power line patrol, ocean work, mountain flying, aerial photography, and other commercial applications.

Come and try a half hour intro to see for your self if flying the Bell 47 isn't just about the best thing you ever experienced!

 Coastal Helicopters Inc.
26 Airport Road
Belfast, Maine 04915