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Aerial Photography

The Bell 47 helicopter is an outstanding platform for still and video photography, and we provide 30 years of experience to get your job done on time and to the highest standards. We use very high resolution cameras, digital or film, coupled with high end printers that can create flawless images up to 24 inches wide by any length you wish. And we do this in house.

Builders, realtors, and commercial entities all over the State of Maine have choosen us because we have earned the reputation as a company that has a great depth of experience and the right equipment to get the job done. Our primary photographer Benjamin Magro is a widely published nationally recognized photographer that has spent many years photographing the places and people of Maine. Ben's aerial photographs have appeared on the covers of Down East Magazine and on numerous brochures and publications throughout Maine and New England.

We also fly photographer clients who appreciate our vast experience with aerial photography. They say "It was so great flying with you. I never needed to give much direction because you seemed to know exactly what I needed"

Coastal Helicopters has flown many notable image makers such as Jay Maisel, color photographer, Amy Tosning of Time Magazine and National Geographic, Michael Melford of National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler, painter Evonne Jacquette of New York, and many others.

Coastal Helicopters also provided scouting photos and survey work for The Maine Film Commission. Our credits include direct involvement with films such as "Man Without A Face," "Wolf", "The Good Son," "Minority Report," "Empire Falls" as well as other notable projects.

Our helicopter and pilot/photographer Ben Magro were featured in Poland Spring Water's Television spot entitled "Where We Come From"

If you need a helicopter and you need the best then call. We've been here consistently for 30 plus years. Your time is valuable and it won't be wasted.

 Coastal Helicopters Inc.
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